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Table 5 Frequency of responses from the three-month follow-up survey to assess sustained involvement in substance abuse prevention activities after viewing the play.

From: Drama-based education to motivate participation in substance abuse prevention

Percentage of Follow-up Survey Respondants (N = 181)
Time-1 Time-3
I participate in groups or organizations that talk about or work on issues related to alcohol and other drug use: In the last three months, have you:
Never Sometimes Usually Always   No Yes
by gathering information on alcohol and other drug use and its consequences to share with others. heard or seen any radio or television stories related to alcohol or other drug abuse? 27.3 72.7
12.8 41.0 17.9 28.2 read any newspaper or magazine articles related to alcohol or other drug abuse? 33.3 66.7
by talking to other individuals in my community. talked to your family or friends about alcohol or other drug abuse? 18.9 81.1
12.5 44.4 21.3 21.9 participated in any community activities related to preventing alcohol or other drug abuse? 60.7 39.3
as a volunteer. volunteered for any activities in the community that are related to preventing alcohol or other drug abuse?
26.8 43.0 12.1 18.1   69.4 30.6
by donating money to organizations targeting substance abuse prevention or treatment. donated any money to local or national organizations that prevent or fight alcohol and drug abuse or local church-sponsored missions?
29.3 40.8 15.6 14.3   57.0 43.0