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Table 4 Comparison of patient subgroups within life time cannabis user group on demographic and clinical correlates

From: A retrospective analysis of cannabis use in a cohort of mentally ill patients in Sri Lanka and its implications on policy development

Variable LTC user SSD** patients (n-47) Vs other LTC users (n-56) CIP# patients (n-17) vs. other LTC users (n-86) CIP-SSD (n-7) patients Vs. other SSD patients in LTC user group (n-40)
  Chi square value (degree of freedom - 1)
Age at presentation
(less than 30 years vs. more than 30 years)
0.254 0.113 1.422
Marital status 1.81 1.2 2.598
Level of education
(Secondary education vs. no secondary education)
0.4 0.15 3.065
Concurrent alcohol use 0.002 0.002 1.101
Concurrent nicotine use 0.615 0.0004 2.874
Past psychiatric consultation 0.546 4.22* 9.549*
Family history of a psychotic disorder 5.6* 0.0004 0.953
Subsequent diagnosis of SSD   0.163  
Subsequent diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder   3.48  
Leaving against medical advice 0.054 2.874 0.146
Attending follow up 3.841* 1.428 2.874
  1. Statistical tests used are the chi square test and the Fisher's exact test, *p < 0.05, **SSD- Schizophrenia spectrum disorders, LTC user - Life Time Cannabis user, #CIP-Cannabis induced psychosis