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Table 4 Studies comparing different types of interventions

From: Brief intervention and decrease of alcohol consumption among women: a systematic review

Authors Population Aim Result
Nilsen P, et al. (2010) [10] Pregnant women To compare a standard intervention of counseling on alcohol with a comprehensive questionnaire-based counseling model. An equal proportion of women in both groups stopped drinking during pregnancy, but more women receiving the questionnaire-based counseling said that they had received sufficient information and to a greater extent believed the advice was coherent and easy to understand than the women who received standard treatment.
Armstrong MA, et al. (2009) [13] Pregnant women To compare two BIs on alcohol use, with one focusing on abstinence and the other geared toward reducing consumption, that were supplemented with a computer-based tool for consumption measurement There were no significant differences between the results of the 2 intervention groups, but both intervention groups had better outcomes than the control.
Baker AL, et al. (2009) [33] Depressed patients To compare the effectiveness of a single-focused BI and that of integrated psychological interventions on depression and coexistent alcohol-related problems In comparison with single-focused interventions, the integrated treatment was linked to a greater reduction in the number of days of consumption and levels of depression. Women showed better results for both variables when subjected to treatment focused on depression than treatment focused on alcohol.
Carey KB, et al. (2009) [37] College students To evaluate the effectiveness of a motivational face-to-face BI and that of a computer program Women receiving face-to-face BI reduced their drinking more than women receiving the computer-based intervention