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Table 1 The content of the major anti-doping education opportunities in Japan

From: Impact of anti-doping education and doping control experience on anti-doping knowledge in Japanese university athletes: a cross-sectional study

Types Contents of anti-doping education Sports Academic
Ath Co SP Tr LV Tea Stu
Lecture Booklet An educational implementation for athletes who are elected representatives of the country, RTPA, TPA and participate in international competitions [26].   I   
Booklet Educational booklet (Play True Book) [29] of the JADA issue for the participants of the national athletic competition (prefectural opposition) including distribution and implementation of education in each province.   N/I   
Lecture Booklet Internet DL Presentation of a teaching book [30] and education kit [31] on education and enlightenment from JADA for each national federation and the implementation of education for athletes at the national competition level belonging to each federation.   N/I   
Lecture Anti-doping education outreach activity by JADA at national-championship-level competitions.   ALL   
Lecture Conducting education that is equivalent to the curriculum guidelines for high schools. (Olympic movement and doping)     ALL
Lecture/Booklet Development of certified sports pharmacist system by JADA.        
Booklet Internet DL International anti-doping education package tool [32] (values and integrity of sport and anti-doping)     ALL
Booklet/Internet DL Anti-Doping School Project for teachers and schools [33] (aimed at academia)     ALL
  1. Note. Ath Athletes, Co Coach, SP Sports pharmacist, Tr Trainer, Tea Teacher, St Student, LV Level, N National level, I International level, ALL All levels, DL Download, RTPA Registered Testing Pool Athletes, TPA Testing Pool Athletes