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Table 1 Characteristics of MMT users

From: Effects of treatment status and life quality on anxiety in MMT patients

  MMT users (N=177)
Gender (males/females) 155(87.6%)/22(12.4%)
Age 51.8±5.7
Years of education
 ≤9 131(74.0%)
 10–12 44(24.9%)
 ≥13 2(1.1%)
Marital status (single/married) 98(55.4%)/79(44.6%)
Living situation (alone/with partners) 57(32.2%)/120(67.8%)
Drinking status (yes/no) 58(32.8%)/119(67.2%)
Smoking status (yes/no) 174(98.3%)/3(1.7%)
Cumulative duration of heroin use (month) 261.4±82.6
Cumulative duration of MMT (month) 100.9±60.7
Current methadone therapeutic dose (mg) 37.3±22.1
MMT Interruption (yes/no) 72(40.7%)/105(59.3%)
BAI score 7.1±8.2
QOL-DA total score 163.5±21.4
 Physiology Score 33.3±6.5
 Psychology Score 39.6±6.8
 Society Score 39.2±6.9
 Symptoms Score 48.3±7.2
  1. Data are the amount of cases (percentage). Data about age, cumulative duration of heroin use, cumulative duration of MMT, current methadone dose and QOL-DA score are the mean±standard deviation